TopWhats: Dynamic Voting

What are people really thinking about?

What are their views about things you think about?

Voting the way it should be! You decide what is important. You control the poll! And you do it in a familiar social-networking environment.

The Basics: Dynamic Voting

  • Initiate a poll on any topic at any time
  • Your write-in vote immediately becomes part of the ballot
  • See how others are voting
  • See tallies in real time
  • You can change your vote any time before voting ends
  • Your Polls feed contains polls tagged by tags you follow
  • Your Votes feed contains votes by those you follow
  • When you initiate a poll, you can limit the time of voting.
  • You can delete a vote
  • If you initiate a poll and then delete your vote, if others have already voted on the poll, the poll continues. Otherwise, the poll disappears.

Have Fun, Learn, Grow

  • Follow friends and people who are interested in similar issues
  • See how your friends' choices compare with yours
  • You may be surprised by unexpected selections that get many votes
  • Expand your social network by following others who share your views or offer interesting alternatives
  • Leverage the community to generate ideas on topics of interest
  • Mobilize your network around issues that are important to you